Order a Mainsail

Vasily Kiriyenko's sailing workshop

Mainsail tailoring order form

For convenient measurement before filling out the form, you can print Mainsail order form. After filling it out, you can transfer all the data to the form below. Be careful when taking measurements and filling in the form fields!

    General information

    YACHT name (required)

    Owner / Captain (required)

    Contact e-mail (required)

    Contact number (required)

    Body dimensions

    LOA length, mm (required)

    Displacement DSPL, kg (mandatory)

    Spar and rigging dimensions

    E (1), mm (required)

    P (2), mm (required)

    BAS (3), mm (required)

    Pbst (4), mm (required)

    Cr (5), mm (required)

    Pm (6), mm (required)

    Sail details

    likpazcarriages / sliders

    Likpase diameter, mm

    Carriages / sliders, pcs

    Type of fabric, density

    Type of cut, describe


    Total armor

    Arms through (may be less than or equal to the previous field)

    Number of reefs

    First reef, mm

    Second reef, mm

    Third reef, mm

    Sail sketch, desired design, design idea, sketch or logo to apply (optional)

    Wishes and comments

    I accept all terms of service, I understand that all data I provide will be used to design and tailor the sail, I am solely responsible for the accuracy of the data.